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Pair people with professional coaches

A space to develop agility and resilience

Select coaches

Identify both the internal and external professional coaches that are right for your organisation. Define your business challenge. Invite the people that can have access and provide them with a personal coaching budget.

Empower people with on-demand coaching

People request sessions when they need it most to deal with the business challenge. They choose the coach that is just right for them and their work.

See people progress

People provide anonymous feedback on how coaching helped them achieve company objectives. Gain insight on trending topics and usage through your on-line dashboard.

People development for how we work today

We work with T.A.S.T.E.


We make coaching safe and comfortable, one-on-one or in teams, through our confidentiality policy.


A sounding board – fast, within a few hours or days, ensuring coaching is timely


People decide where, when, on what and from who they want to be coached, ensuring a higher ROI


Coaching budgets are spent on your business challenges and where it is needed most, ensuring an optimized use of coaching


Easy to use - Coaching in person, via video or text messaging, organized from one place, making the coaching relationship more effective.

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